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The “18th International Fragile X and Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders Workshop” emphasizes recent breakthroughs in our understanding of intellectual disability (ID), autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and related neurodevelopmental disorders. This biennial meeting has been instrumental to the discovery of many disease-causing genes, and the development of novel therapeutic strategies for these devastating disorders.

Fragile X syndrome represents the most common form of inherited intellectual disability (ID) and there was an intensive hunt for the causative gene by molecular geneticists worldwide. In 1983 scientists from around the world were invited to the 1st International Workshop on Fragile X to share genomic mapping data in pursuit of the gene, which was discovered in 1991 at the fifth meeting. The biannual conference continued to grow and produce dividends throughout the “molecular genetics era” with the identification of many new genes causing intellectual disability, while animal models and functional studies began to elucidate the mechanisms causing fragile X and other syndromes.

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